What's New at Ghyll Stile Mill Cottage

For our regular visitors who know Ghyll Stile Mill Cottage well, the cottage is just the same quiet, warm and friendly place it has always been. However this belies the fact that Janet and I are constantly working away to maintain and improve the facilities and enhance the enjoyment of our visitors whilst they are staying in the cottage. For example in the last few years we've:

>> Painted all the outside woodwork and railings of the cottage. A great job to have done and one that took the best part of a summer to complete!

>> Relined the water tank that is up in the field. This tank is a holding tank of about 10,000 litres capacity and is fed straight from the spring. Over the years the tank has gradually started to leak and a few autumns ago I relined and then waterproofed it. Another excellent job to have ticked! You get the same beautiful crystal clear water - but now we have more of it.

>> Hatched 4 ducklings.Mind you they don't stay ducklings for long! In fact, one of them is now laying and we're hopeful that two others will follow suit soon. Duck eggs are very similar to hens' eggs in shape and size but they have a slightly stronger flavour and tougher shells. Visitors are welcome to some of the eggs when they visit - that is, assuming they are still laying!

>> A new shaver power point has been installed in the bathroom. This came about thanks to the helpful criticism of one of our customers.

>> A number of new double glazed windows and doors have been fitted. We’re gradually working away to replace them all – we are tackling a couple each year.

>> A new carpet has been fitted in the bathroom too. It gave me great pleasure to chuck out the old dark green and creased one that was in there!

>> A new shower has been installed over the bath. Because of our low water pressure, this is a powered unit and it certainly gives visitors a much more pleasant experience than was previously available.

>> A new double bed, mattress and bedside tables have been installed in the double bedroom - so now a good night's sleep is just about guaranteed!

Double bed

>> A new DVD/Videoplayer has been purchased for the living room.

>> The rear of the cottage has been re-slated and the chimney re-leaded - bit of a mammoth job but it had to be done!

>> A new metal balcony has been built at the back of the cottage. The old one was wood and was becoming rotten. We wanted to change the balcony to a metal one anyway since it is a fire escape route for the cottage and a wooden fire escape just didn't seem at all sensible!

>> Sky television and a new flat screen TV have been installed. This really was necessary unless, that is, you like watching on the screen what appeared to be a continuous violent snow storm. We now have a lovely sharp picture - at last!

>> A major refurbishment of the kitchen took place in the winter of 2011. This included replacing the oven, washing machine and microwave. New kitchen units were fitted, a new dishwasher, new ultra violet water filtration system, new larder area and new lighting were all installed. Another mammoth job.


>> We also sanded all the wood block flooring downstairs, bought new covers for the 3 piece suite AND we updated the electrical fuse board to a new circuit breaker system at the same time as we were refurbishing the kitchen.

For the year ahead we have loads and loads more jobs planned! Amongst these are:

>> A new location map to help first time visitors find the cottage from Kirkby Lonsdale direction since this route is just a little trickier than that from the M6.

>> All the usual annual testing and servicing will take place in the winter ready for the year ahead

> The microware will be tested to ensure that it is not leaking any harmful waves.

> Fire extinguishers will be checked and tested.

> All electrical appliances will be safety tested.

> UV Water filter element will be replaced.

> The central heating boiler will be given the once over.

> The chimney will be swept. Our open fire is one of the popular assets of the cottage.

>> Reseal the duck ponds to stop them leaking.

>> Replacing another two windows with double glazed units.

>> Paint the new windows that were recently fitted as well as touching up the other outside paintwork.


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